Advanced Diagnostic Clinic for Certified NSCA Instructors

Are you an NSCA Level I certified instructor who desires to move to Level II?  Don’t have the expanded experience, a regular mentor, and or the full range of diagnostic skills to help you get there?

October 3rd and 4th, the Sarasota Gun Club, in partnership with Gil Ash of the OSP Shooting School, is hosting a first of its kind clinic, a learning-shooting pilot program entitled “Advanced Diagnostics”.  The purpose of this program is to assist certified NSCA Instructors in their individual instruction as well as to supplement the official NSCA Instructor’s Program.  Limited to ten candidates initially, each attendee will have an opportunity to participate in the development of this program.  Learn to go three or more layers deeper into why students repeatedly miss the same targets and cannot steadily improve.  Is it fundamental, mechanical, mental, or a combination?  The key is in each instructor’s “toolbox”. 

Topics will include, at a minimum, the following: 

•      With new or inexperienced shooters who have multiple problems, where do you actually start?

•      Why is good shooting posture so important?

•      How do you get a gun to fit properly during a lesson?

•      If an instructor knows where the student is missing a target, what do you do first?

•      When a student is really struggling to break a specific target(s) during a lesson, what should the instructor do?

•      Why is pre-shot planning, including the visualization of the target(s) breaking, so important and how do we convey this to a student?

•      How does an instructor convey the proper sight pictures to a student?

•      How should an instructor get the student to focus on the target only and not look down the gun barrel, back and forth between the target and the gun barrel, or try and manage the gap (lead)?

•      How do you explain “lead”?

•      Why can’t most shooters hit long crossing targets?

•      How do you get students to “finish” the shot?

•      How do you get shooters who are “stuck” between 65 and 75 to improve?

•      Can you actually “reprogram” a student’s brain to really improve?

•      How do you tell a student to practice on their own?

•      How to you diagnose specialty vision problems?

•      How do you get students to self-correct? 

Price for this clinic is $550, which is half price of OSP’s normal clinics.  This seminar is geared to current active instructors in the NSCA Instructor’s Program.  For more information please contact Gil Ash ( or Sarasota Gun Club NSCA Resident Instructor Brian Featheringham (  We look forward to getting your input and seeing you!

Call Becky at OSP to register!  281-346-0888