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Wingshooting Argentina

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on September 24, 2013

What a great time we had in Argentina in August. We have this figured out when to go. In August when it is hot as you know what here in Houston, lets go to Argentina where it is winter. Their winter is very similar to ours, meaning it is not too cold-a light jacket in the morning and layer up for the rest of the day. We also like to go in late January or early February when it could get cold in Houston and it is spring... Read more…


Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on June 30, 2013

On our way home from another great trip to Wapiti gun club in Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada. The club is great and the people are even better. We always enjoy this trip to visit with everyone. Their goal is for anyone who visits the club to leave with a sense of being comfortable and a sense of family. We feel they are our family too.The weather didn’t really co-operate with us but rain everyday is good for the soil. ... Read more…

What We Learned at the Advance Schools

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on March 21, 2013

We have just finished doing 3 weeks of advance schools and boy did we all have fun and a great deal of learning went on for all of us. The one thing we wanted everyone to learn to do was to have the gun and target going the same speed at the end of the shot or to stabilize the picture. It seems everyone tries to fix the lead at the end and instead of having that dramatic swing away from the target at the end –make the ... Read more…

Focus Ratios and Lower Gun Mount

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on February 17, 2013

It’s Monday we must be on an airplane going home to Houston. We had a great weekend at OK Coral in Okeechobee, Florida. Yes we were back at OK Corral in 3 weeks as the demand was so great that we filled 3 more days.Focus Ratios and having a lower gun mount were the most important things that were learned. The animations continue to surprise even us as to how quickly people learn where the eyes go and that the gun and t... Read more…

Four Days at Ben Avery 2013

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on February 3, 2013

If you haven’t been to Ben Avery Shooting Center you should go. Great venue and lots of great target presentations and of course the great staff.We had 4 days of teaching and learning and made many new friends. The power point presentation of Where Are Your Eyes has really made a difference in the learning curve for everyone especially the kids. This is how they learn and all they want to do after seeing it is go shoot... Read more…