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Ashe County Wildlife Club

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on July 23, 2018

Just finished 3 days at Ashe County in the mountains of North Carolina where the high was 75 degrees, a lot nicer than the 100 degrees in Houston.  This is a new club for us and the reception was great so they asked us to come again next year. They had set up 4 Fitasc Parcors for us to teach on and what a great idea. It was so nice not having to maneuver around the course so we spent the morning at 1 and the ... Read more…

Oregon 2018

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on July 19, 2018

On my way home from a great 10 days with our granddaughter Avery in Oregon while her parents were gone.  Our daughter Andrea turned 40 years old so a little vacation is a reward for her and Tim and for me as I get to spend time with Avery.  And what a time we had!  When I got there we sat down and went through the things we needed to do and put them on a schedule, did I say she was Andrea’s daughter, yes indeed... Read more…

Coaching Hour - Hot Topics!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on July 10, 2018

We have been at the bay house for a week now and fishing hasn’t been great but the crab traps have been busy.  In 3 days we got 28 crabs and had a big crab boil with our neighbors and ate them all.  Traps back in the water but not as many crabs are coming to the party.  We did miss all the chaos of weather that went on in Houston and flooded a lot of streets and cancelled the big Freedom Fest along Buffalo Bayou ... Read more…

Nashville - Country Music Hall of Fame!

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on June 28, 2018

Great week in Nashville for son-in-law and his team on morning radio to be inducted into Country Music Radio Hall of Fame. Even Garth Brooks showed up. So cool!  Went by Double Guns of Nashville and met a lot of nice folks. Will be at Nashville Gun Club at the end of July so come see us. Read more…

Argentina 2018

Author: Vicki Ash
Posted on June 20, 2018

What a great time we had in Argentina.  We spent 8 days of shooting, first doves where we taught in the field and didn’t shoot, then on to the pigeon lodge where we did shoot those deceiving big birds.  They are quiet so they just appear and also appear to be moving so slow but they are not, they are like B-52 bombers that you think are hardly moving but they are.  We take the shortest route to get there by goi... Read more…