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Gil and Vicki are both full-time, professional shooting instructors. They are NSCA Level III certified and insured by SASI. With a regular column in the official publication for the National Sporting Clays Association, they are the shooting editors for Sporting Clays magazine. Together they teach some 2,000 people of all levels each year in their personal lessons, group clinics, and seminars. They witness an excess of 500,000 shotgun shells each year, and as a result every year brings new additions to their teaching regime.

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100. Introduction To The OSP Knowledge Vault with Gil Ash

The OSP Knowledge Vault is the world’s largest online library of performance-improving data on both wing shooting and clay shooting. It allows you to learn how to improve your shooting skills and shows you how to visualize real sight pictures so they can be recalled – whether you’re in the field or on the range.

There are currently over 5,000 video lessons in the Knowledge Vault to help your visualization of what it really looks like when shooting a shotgun at game birds or clays. To achieve your shooting goals, the brain must first have a mental picture of what you are trying to do. The ShotKam 2D and 3D virtual animations of game birds and clays show the sequential parts of every shot, which helps your brain better understand and produce them consistently.

The video lessons have an amazing effect. Once you understand the shot and its component parts, you can correct your own misses. The real cause will become obvious!

 Check out some samples from the Knowledge Vault!


 5000+ video lessons on clays and game birds

  • 200+ audio recordings of the monthly Coaching Hour, as well as written transcripts
  • A vibrant, informative and friendly forum for members
  • Six DVDs
  • 16 books and every article the Ashes have written on clays shooting and hunting
  • The ability to search the archive for solutions to specific problems

In-Person Classes & Clinics

If you want to learn how to shoot, why you miss, and how to correct your mistakes, you’ll want to attend one of the many clinics offered by OSP. Each clinic is open to students of varying skill levels and is tailored to the needs and goals of the participants. Gil and Vicki teach individual as well as group lessons on a weekly basis in Houston. You can meet them at a club near you.

Shoot with Gil & Vicki

Books and DVD's

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Gil and Vicki have published nine books as well as six instructional DVD’s to help people to learn to shoot more consistently. Their books and DVD’s are produced in a way that shooters of all levels can benefit from them. As a team, Gil and Vicki are unbeatable -– and the reason why OSP is the only choice for anyone wanting to improve their shotgun shooting performance.