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Knowledge Vault

Often touted as the best compilation of learning materials in the shotgun training and learning field, the OSP Knowledge Vault provides easy access to videos, discussions and articles designed to increase your proficiency.

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If you want to learn how to shoot, why you miss, and how to correct your mistakes, you’ll want to attend one of the many clinics we offer. Each clinic is open to students of varying skill levels and is tailored to the needs and goals of the participants.



Shooters are constantly getting stuck on plateaus and don’t know why. There is a definite link between the quality of a shooter's practice and performance. What seems very complex to others is quite simple to us!

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Welcome to OSP

The richest compilation of online and in-person shotgun training anywhere – by far!

The Knowledge Vault – What is it?

A complete and comprehensive online resource center of information and instructional videos, podcasts, animations and other tools accumulated over the years by the internationally recognized Ash family – Gil, Vicki and Brian. Some of the resources you’ll find in the KV:

  • Over 5000 Training Videos
  • Virtual Shot Simulator
  • Sporting Clays Training
  • Duck Hunting Training
  • Dove Hunting Training
  • Quail Hunting Training
  • Pheasant Hunting Training
  • Grouse Hunting Training
  • Pigeon Hunting Training
  • Exclusive Member Forum
  • Shotgun 101 Training
  • Shotgun 202 Training
  • Trap Shooting Training
  • Skeet Shooting Training
  • Video Tutorials
  • Shot Analysis
  • Books & DVDs
  • And So Much More!
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OSP… in a Nutshell

Gil’s elevator speech on WHAT and WHO OSP is.

What our clients are saying…

incredible library and storehouse...

 The OSP Knowledge Vault (KV) by itself is an incredible library and storehouse of videos, instructional articles, books, blogs, and training animations – keyword searchable. OSP also conducts a monthly call-in “Coaching Hour” which now has 20+ years of content available to KV subscribers. On those calls, students, instructors, and guest experts talk, ask questions and offer their experiences. Most importantly, the Ashes have been looking over shooters’ shoulders for 30+ years, yet they remain dedicated to seeking out new science, new answers, and improving their knowledge.

Grant O

North Carolina

Anyone who has not spent a day or two with Vicki looking “over” your shoulder is missing a truly enlightening experience...

 First I learned that the active working part of my mind can only work on processing a maximum of four things at a time and mostly 2 or 3 things. Knowing that it has to switch back and forth among them using up available valuable time and focus. This makes it critical to reduce the variables in my pre-shot routine.  Second I discovered one way to simplify my pre-shot routine. I do not need to use my working memory to create lead. That being the case I do not need to concern my pre-shot moving picture with the separation distance between target and gun barrel. I worked hard on only picturing a stable separation with the barrel in front of the target.  Third the stroll or gun moving prior to “pull” worked almost all of the time. The only problem was not trusting it and stopping or getting nervous and distracted. These were less and less as the clinic went on.  Anyone who has not spent a day or two with Vicki looking “over” your shoulder is missing a truly enlightening experience. Thank you so much Vicki… You too Gil.

John M

I have benefitted from that initial weekend and many other sessions with one or all of you...

” I moved to Houston 2004 and began shooting registered clays 2005. I decided I need coaching and took lessons from several well known individuals and felt I needed more. I heard about the OSP 2 day weekend clinic and signed up. That may have been as early as 2007. I have benefitted from that initial weekend and many other sessions with one or all of you. From gun fitting to move training and the mental game you leave no stone unturned. My journey with a shotgun would not have been nearly as productive or as much fun without the OSP team. I am looking forward to more time spent with the OSP team at my back. What separates OSP from others I have experience with is your personal concern and your tireless effort to research the why to successful shotgun shooting. Till we work together again.

Dennis M


One of the other shooters looked at me and asked, “Mister, where did you learn to shoot?”

” I came to OSP to improve my shooting in the field for waterfowl and upland birds, and OSP transformed me from a novice to a competent and consistent wingshooter.   Over the years since I started the OSP journey I have had many compliments in the field, and each of these are really testimonials to OSP’s method and the Ash’s expert coaching.  The one that stands out the most came after a driven pheasant shoot.  One of the other shooters looked at me and asked, “Mister, where did you learn to shoot?”  I answered, “I have had lessons from the best, Gil and Vicki Ash”.   OSP’s Knowledge Vault (KV) provides a constant resource of education, experience, visualization, self-awareness, and fellowship.  The books, instructional videos, hundreds of articles, and Shot-Kam videos of thousands of clay targets and live birds are worth ten-fold the annual investment.  The ability to listen and participate in monthly conference calls known as the Coaching Hours is an invaluable part of my shooting program.  When I first heard about Coaching Hours, I thought it was for experts only – I was wrong.  Coaching Hours includes the principals Gil, Vicki, and Brian Ash and shooters of all levels who unselfishly share their experiences and insights in the discussions about shooting, competing, sports psychology, and often just life in general.  OSP’s KV is The Shooter’s Resource.

Doug E


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