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The Ash Family

Your personal coaches, mentors and friends.

Countless students will testify to the uniqueness and quality of Gil, Vicki and Brian Ash as a family, as individuals, and as teachers. They are avid hunters and love the outdoors. Together, they offer the benefit of both male and female perspectives, as well as flexibility in working with all types of personalities and learning styles. The Ashes are unbeatable as instructors!

The Ashes continually study in the fields of ophthalmology, neuro-ophthalmology, vision therapy, and neurophysiology. They deeply understand the psychology of performance. Through their research, they understand how the eyes, mind and body function together. They also understand the differences in the way men and women think, react, see and learn. And they know how to teach it!

Once learned, these principles can be applied to not just sporting clays, but all clay target disciplines, field hunting, and many other life challenges.

Gil and Vicki’s numerous books and instructional DVDs help both novices and advanced shooters to learn how to shoot more consistently. No matter your level, you can benefit from them.

Gil Ash

Whether it’s sporting clays, skeet, trap, or birds, shooting comes naturally to Gil Ash, who has been shooting for over 44 years.

An avid hunter and fisherman since early childhood, he demonstrates an unparalleled passion for shooting and the psychology behind it.

Gil has won numerous titles in both skeet and sporting clay competitions and has taught professionally since 1984. He was also an instructor for the Holland & Holland shooting school in England and has studied with many great shooters and instructors. He has been featured on ESPN, TNN and hosted a regular spot on the television show “Pull: A Tour of America’s Great Gun Clubs” on the Outdoor Life Network. Known worldwide, Gil has six shooting videos sold in the United States and two sold in England and Australia.

His sharp eye has served him well both on the range and behind the camera. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business and photography and had a professional photography studio for 23 years, serving clients like Exxon, Dow Chemical, Dupont, Honeywell and Compaq Computers.

Gil displays a contagious passion for shooting and uses a “no bull” approach to get to the essence of his students’ shooting problems and solutions. His ability to communicate with visual simplicity, as well as his sense of humor and general love of people make him “quite a character” and a terrific model for his students.

His passion for the game drove him to discover his real passion: teaching others how to become both better shots and better people. If he’s not teaching or fishing, you’ll likely find him shooting clays or birds somewhere around the world.

You can read Gil’s evolving and passionate thoughts about shooting and life on his blog.

Vicki Ash

Vicki is a true success story.

Shooting right-handed while being dominant in her left eye, she has had to learn the dynamics of eye, mind, and body coordination – just as OSP teaches today. Through diligence, hard work, and a positive attitude, Vicki mastered shooting right-handed with both eyes open. In fact, she has taught Gil (who is right-handed and right eye dominant) how to shoot left-handed with both eyes open!

Her personal struggle and triumph have proven the success of the OSP method and have been instrumental to the successes of her students.

In 1994, Vicki took the title of Ladies NSCA National Champion, and in 1995 she won the Bronze Medalist in the Beretta World Championship. She has demonstrated that shooting is truly for everyone, male or female. And in 1988, she helped to pioneer the first “ladies only” yearly shoot.

Vicki holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and accounting and has been professionally teaching with Gil since 1994. Her analytical mind and motivating personality make her lessons both fun and enlightening.

You can read her continuing thoughts and observations about shooting on her blog.

Brian Ash

Brian was traveling with Vicki and Gil Ash around the country competing in sporting clays by the age of 10 in 1990.

He was a multi-year All-American and won many sub-junior titles. He competed for four years until his interests turned to other things like fishing, hunting and school.

He began working at American Shooting Centers and got his feet wet setting targets there. Eventually, he set targets at many national and world events all over the U.S. While his passion was target setting, he has always been passionate about shooting sporting clays and birds. It was only natural for him to join Vicki and Gil at OSP Shooting School in 2014.

Brian brings a depth of knowledge to OSP from the standpoint of target reading and helping shooters understand what the target setter is trying to do to them. He continues to be amazed at how the OSP system of shooting virtually eliminates the target setter from the equation. Brian also assists ranges across the country in gun club management and course design as a consultant, working for Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Texas Parks and Wildlife, as well as ranges in Alabama, Montana and Oklahoma.

Brian has been training with the OSP system for many years and has conducted numerous clinics in North and South America.

Book a lesson today if you are looking for a shooting system that is easy to learn and understand, makes self-correcting simple and instant, makes improvement steady and logical, and removes the mystery of missed targets.

Want to know what it really looks like to hit a 50-yard crosser consistently? Brian can show you what it looks like on his iPad in the OSP Knowledge Vault. He’ll show you how to be more consistent on all targets and have a steadily improving game that you are proud of – guaranteed!

Read more about Brian’s experiences on his blog.

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