Regardless of where you are in your shooting game, the Ashes can help you bring it to the next level. Whether you shoot sporting clays, trap, skeet, or hunt birds, the OSP method will show you how!

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Kick Ash Method

Coming back from OK Coral in sunny Florida where it was anything but warm…..just about froze to death on Sunday and tons of rain on Thurs and Fri am…..shot those 7/8 oz 1200fps Rio shells all weekend and continue to be impressed with how effective those little 7 1/2s are at distance….we were shooting a big left to right chandelle that was normally about 35 yds out but with the 20 plus mph wind at our backs was a good 55 or 60 yds out according to the range manager Ben Wise…..it was on his newest course and man was it a very hittable target with the mount in front and let it come and stabilize the shot method….hear after known at the Kick Ash Method…..I continue to be amazed with the lethality of this method on so many targets and how the animations get the stable picture across so easily and quickly too…..Willy and his father Bill shot with me for two days and his father was quick to say that he was hard to teach anything new but was willing to try to which I said we will just wait and see and Willy winked at me…..his goal was to hit long crossers and I could not wait…..still amazed at how many people are still trying to look down the barrel and get the gun ahead of the target and “not look at the gun” after seeing the animations on the second day Bill remarked that he wished he had paid more and closer attention on the first day because they made sooo much sense when he viewed them the second day……he and willy had gotten there a little late the first day and he told me he said to himself “what the hell was this guy showing me this stuff for, he is supposed to be the best in the business…..well he and willy were talking about the animations at dinner the first night and Willy is a web designer and understands the cost of doing this kind of stuff informed him about how much $$$$ we had spent just to do the animations and Bill was shocked and the other shocker was how by just looking at them for a second they were able to influence him and his ability on hitting those long shots on the first day and how viewing them the second day they played such a huge roll in imprinting the Kick Ash Method in his brain………..had another shooter named Carol that called the office a week before the clinic and talked to me and said that she was wanting to get better and asked if I thought we could help her…..after talking to her and asking a few questions I asked her if she was trying to look down the barrel and get the gun ahead of the target and not look at the gun to which she said Yes and I asked how she could visualize not seeing something…….she was speechless…..I then asked if she was frustrated at not being able to self correct to which she asked how I knew that and I said this is what I do and if you want to get better you are gonna have to do something different……she called back in 30 minutes and signed up for two days…..man did the animations make a difference to her…..You should have seen her face when I played the one of the shooter chasing the bird…. She was dumb founded and said that is me…!!!!!!….along with a few other shooters in the group….really all of them…..and from the first station on she was amazed at how clear the birds were and how with the Kick Ash Method she could make the birds slow down…..frankly she did not miss many birds on either day….

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