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What We Learned at the Advance Schools

We have just finished doing 3 weeks of advance schools and boy did we all have fun and a great deal of learning went on for all of us. The one thing we wanted everyone to learn to do was to have the gun and target going the same speed at the end of the shot or to stabilize the picture. It seems everyone tries to fix the lead at the end and instead of having that dramatic swing away from the target at the end –make the swing at the beginning in sync with the target and get to the breakpoint early and let the target come to the gun. That way the gun is not moving very much and the target is the fastest moving thing in the picture therefore your eyes can stay on the target easier.It seemed to some that the stabilizing the gun and target to go the same speed was a new idea and that we were changing up some things. But I can tell you after going through all the articles, books, DVD’s for the new website that we have been saying this for many years. We didn’t call it “stabilizing the picture” we just told everyone to get in sync with the target. The idea of getting the gun to the breakpoint early also is not new and some thought that the gun would be still, but after doing it for a morning or so it all started to come together and made it so easy to hit the targets and the gun would automatically take on the line of the target. It is March and the March winds were certainly blowing and having the gun in the breakpoint early sure did help as each target was different but having the gun waiting on the target made the wind a non-factor. Then the shots were so much easier to hit and correct it needed.The animations made it very easy for everyone to understand what we wanted them to do and made their learning curve a little less frustrating. That is not say there was no frustration but it was easier to handle the frustration when we could come back in and watch the animations to help it all make sense. Then go back out and the students could “get it” and shoot better than the morning session.We thank Steve Brown for coming and helping us with the advance classes. He is always a pleasure to listen to with his words of wisdom and of course the jokes.74 Ranch is a wonderful experience. If you haven’t ever been then put it on your “bucket list” and bring stretchy pants to wear home. The food is absolutely excellent and you can’t turn it down as it is so good. The staff has always been wonderful in taking care of our group and we thank them for that. Where else can you go and stay in a wonderful lodge, eat and drink wonderful food and shoot all the clays you want for 3 1/2 days and be immersed and consumed with shooting with other shooters who love this game as much as you do. What a weekend!!!We are home for a few days then off to Camanche Hills just southeast of Sacramento, California to do clinics so until next week – remember to go to each practice session with a goal and each shot with a purpose.

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