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Gil’s New Year Blog

Well the new year is here and we will be blogging on a more frequent basis. We are in Dallas to do seminars at Dallas Safari show and to meet with Texas Parks and Wildlife hunter education specialists and give them a peak at what we will be doing for all DNRs as far as upgrading their shot gun wing shooting programs.In two weeks we will be presenting to Florida Iowa and Georgia the same material we presented to Texas in Dec and with input from all participants will be preparing an ebook for all DNR to work out of. There is talk of advanced wingshooting program using OSP techniques as well as some of our animations and ShotKam shots.This is very exciting for us and we are looking forward to this new challenge. We are presenting our findings at international hunter education convention this July and are expecting them to go forward with adopting the program internationally.Looks like we will be having 10 shooters in each of our advanced schools this year. Just seems it turned out that way. We always learn so much at these events because everyone put sop much of themselves into learning what we have that is new.Our ability to cognitively communicate with shooters of all levels still grown and we are looking forward to working with SCTP coaches in the near future as well. Our coaching hour would be the perfect foremat for them to begin raising the level of all 1800 coaches they have across the nation.If you have not been listening to the coaching hour you should cause we have had se great ones this past year.You can down load back through 2010 and listen in mp3 or what ever device you use.Been chasing Trout at the bay successfully and having a ball running skinner water with our Skeeter.Neal Bauder is doing custom stocks for our Parcours K guns and we are looking forward to shooting them. We have gone through the try stock and bindi stage and he is Getting ready to cut the real wood. And man is it beautiful. Will include photos of the progression.Tip if you are cutting the comb on your gun use clear packing tape instead of sealing with lacquer. Quicker and just as good. We wil be cutting combs at the rang later this year. We have a big screen tv at the rang and have capability to do video tips of you in iPad and up load them and show them to you on the spot. Man how technology has come a long way!!!!!Thumbs tired having pedicure done and typing on iPhone. More later from bay next week. Coaching hour is Tuesday nite so ck the KV on thurs am to listen to it. If you have a topic you would like us to discuss email it to site and we will get it up on next CH.More later.

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