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Make it Ugly to Make it Right

Gun fit is different for each person, and it is an ongoing process – a journey. It’s not something you can go out and do just once. As you improve your gun mount so will your gun fit change. We have gone through more stocks than most people have guns because we were on a journey to find the correct stock fit. It has taken years. Now, after all this time, when we get a new gun, we know what the correct measurements are because we also have a perfect gun mount.

The only way to get the correct fit for your stock is to, first of all, get a close measurement for the length of pull. Then practice with the gun until you are comfortable with it and it comes to your face in the same place each time, then go to the pattern board.

On the pattern board, you want to draw a circle about the size of a half-dollar. Inside this circle, you need to color a circle about the size of a dime. Back up 16 yards. Put a skeet or improved choke into the barrel. Focus on that dime-sized circle and bring the gun up to your face and pull the trigger.

Do this about 10 times, then go look at the pattern. This will tell you where the gun is going in relation to where you are looking.

If something needs to be changed, such as drop of the comb or cast off or on, you can make these adjustments with tape, gauze, or moleskin…or even towels and duct tape. It is a lot easier to change dimensions to find out what works for you with duct tape and towels than after it has been bent and cast and it might not be right. You will need to shoot this ugly gun for a while to see if the fit is correct. Then take it to someone who can bend and drop it where you need it to be.

Too many people don’t take the time to make the right adjustments. It is better to be ugly for a while and then make it right, than have to redo it because you wanted it too fast. Make it ugly to make it right.

Thanks to DeeDee Bird for the use of her “ugly” gun. But boy, can she shoot it. Congratulations on a fine U.S. Open performance.