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74 Ranch 2014 – Week 1

74 Ranch 1st weekSitting at 74 Ranch waiting for Gil to finish a lesson and waiting for the next cold front to hit here and drive home in the rain. Oh joy! When will spring be here? Can’t be too soon for me.Great 2 1/2 days with 2 Canadians EH! What a great learning experience for us all.Both had been with us at different times in Grande Prairie Alberta but Chris had to miss last year and he learned he had missed a lot. Grant had come last year but you guys know we like to keep learning things to help everyone and keep you coming back. Cash flow baby!We showed everyone the animations and that seems to really put everyone on the same page and really quickly. Grant had been shooting a lot of trap, so sorry. We had to deal with where to have the gun, either very high in the shoulder or down. Surprise we figured out it was so much better having the gun down to see the target better. There are times to have it higher in the shoulder but to be able to move with the target when you see it requires you to move with it as soon as you can to get in sync with it. Slow in the beginning and same speed at the end.Chris who had missed a year, realized that he needed to start out slow and same speed really made the target slow down and you didn’t need a big swing at the end. You are catching the target not chasing it. It took some time for it to sink in but when it did oh my. Chris didn’t miss many after that. AND so smooth he was with his swing. It is a new beginning for him and he is going to really do well.They are both coming to the advance school so we will work on why they practice well but their tournament scores are not as good.Advance school next week and we will see what ahh’s we have. Hopefully it will be warmer. It’s March and we had ice yesterday. For goodness sake.

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