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Fixing the Slash at the End of the Shot

I had a shooter with a new Krieghoff that was fit by the factory. It was 1 and 5/8″ too short with cast on for a right-handed shooter. He had a violent slash at the end of his shots and did not realize it. I had to shoot a video of it to show him what he was doing.

This also happened the week before in Columbus, Ohio at Cardinal Shooting Center. In both instances, the gun was way too short. And when I added a pad and a one-inch extension, the slash went away. It was simply amazing. The shooters began to gut the targets to their astonishment.

I feel like the slash was an argument between the subconscious mind putting the gun where it needed to be and the conscious mind putting it where it really needed to be to hit the target, based on past experience and where the gun was shooting.

In both instances, shooters were trapped at 78-79 on average. And after they shot their new dimension, the slash went away and they were more in flow and relaxed. Before the adjustment, they were very tense and stressed out. What a lesson learned.

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