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Teaching in Oregon

We’re on our way to Oregon for a short family reunion and some teaching at a new (to us) club in Grants Pass. First, we’re flying into Medford, then on to Eugene to visit with our daughter, son-in-law, and most importantly, our granddaughter, Avery. She is almost six and started school this year. And since we haven’t seen her since our Alaska cruise in July, I’m sure she has changed a lot.

It won’t all be leisure, since we will be teaching Andrea’s boss and co-workers one day. But that, too, will be fun for us. When you have our job, it’s not really work. We love to go to work because we learn something each day.

We have been finally getting some much-needed rain in Fulshear. There were almost eight inches over four days, which we were glad to have.

Gil went to Beaumont last weekend and I stayed in Fulshear to take care of my mom and help with my cousin’s fundraiser for a new tennis center in honor of her husband. It was held in the Galleria Mall in the Athletic Club there. Who knew there was an athletic club at the mall? It was a very nice place and we raised a good amount to start the renovation.

As I was going down there, I was reminded why we don’t live in Houston anymore. What a nightmare going through all that traffic! I haven’t been to the Galleria in several years and don’t need to go back for several more. But we all had a good time.

Sunday was a day of rest until we packed up for our week of traveling. Then we were off to the hotel since our flight is at 5:55 am. That means getting up at 3 am. Oh well. We’ll sleep well tonight.

Until next week.