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A Shooter’s Story

Just had to share this email from Doug Mellen. This stuff is really amazing.



Just thought I would drop you a line to relate a story that is too true to pass up. 

You spent a couple of days here last month and had several good sessions. The best session may have been one you were not even aware of. 

During most of your lessons and your animation presentation, the club had an employee who watched you in great detail. His name is Bryce – a good kid, fairly intelligent, and a good hard worker. I have had the pleasure of shooting a few rounds with him, but nothing formal. 

After you left to go back home, I shot with him for a couple of hundred rounds, and then the club manager (Nick Arnold) shot with him for about an hour. I watched as they both diligently worked on being early to the breakpoint and stabilizing the target. Upon completing their little practice schedule, he decided he wanted to go shoot his first registered shoot. He told me he thought he would do okay because with the method of stabilization, he knew he wasn’t going to miss behind, so he felt less pressure. 

Well, he went out and shot an 85 in his very first shoot. And besides winning the E class, he beat several master class shooters. To say he and Nick had a good time would be an understatement.

As a side note, Nick has been working and practicing the system, and this week he won his class by more than several targets over his closest competition.

This stuff is amazing…


Well, we couldn’t agree more. And the animations are so powerful in getting the pictures across to shooters of all levels. More later.