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Headed to Nationals after Clinics

We had a wonderful weekend clinic a week and a half ago and taught all week. Next, we’re going to the NSCA National tournament to visit with good friends and of course meet new ones.

Our last clinic was another good one with new people anxious to learn how to become better shooters and better people. It’s always fun to see students grow in their shooting. By the end of the weekend, everyone was like old friends, even though most came from out of the state. Several students were already on the Knowledge Vault and came to meet the voices they had been listening to.

Slowing down was the theme of my group. As we know, everyone goes too fast because they are always behind the bird. But if they stay in front and see the target behind the barrel, they won’t be behind ever. Novel concept!

So, by the second day, they were all in slow motion and crushing targets. It’s so fun to see the transformation of shooters and they can hit that 45-yard crossing chandelle If they will get out of their own way.

Miss Marlene is doing a great job of keeping us booked all week and for that, we are all grateful. We leave on Saturday to go to the NSCA National Tournament so we’ll let you know what we learned next week.