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Relearning to Slow Down

Last weekend we went quail hunting at the 74 Ranch south of San Antonio. This is always a fun hunt and we do it four times a year.

The thing that I learned (and probably have to relearn at the beginning of our year of hunting) is to slow down and not shoot too far in front of the birds. There were four of us hunting and since we only hunt three at a time, one person walked with us as the others hunted. It’s much safer that way and the person walking still feels like he/she is a part of the hunt and can take videos, etc. And of course, they make comments about your shooting like “Great shot!” or “That bird got you.”

These birds today were pretty good flyers for pen-raised birds, so we had a successful hunt. Then on to a great dinner and drinks. The food at the 74 Ranch is fabulous. I always have to watch my intake, as it’s so easy to gain several pounds. And since taking off 30 pounds. in the last year and a half, I really don’t want to have to do that again.

The next morning we had a great breakfast and on to another great hunt. Then lunch and another hunt, then appetizers and another great dinner and drinks. There is a routine happening: eat, hunt, eat, drink, eat, sleep, eat, hunt, and so on.

The birds flew really good on the afternoon hunt, but they weren’t as good as the birds on the last morning. Those birds had had their Wheaties for breakfast. We all commented on how far and how well they flew.

Back to the lodge and lunch and then home we went with coolers of quail.

One of the things I learned is to slow down and really see their heads. And you can even see the white around their eyes. That “same speed at the end” thing works!