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The Kill Shot Review Really Works

I talked to Doss yesterday, who had called to let me know just how lethal he’s been on game birds from looking at the kill shot review on ducks.

He also shared with me that he had shot the Brister shoot at West Side and had not shot sporting clays for at least two months. He finished third overall in every event with no practice. What an accomplishment!

He then went on to describe the feeling he had when shooting ducks and geese. He said it felt like he had much more time and did not feel rushed at all. And he was more lethal than he had ever been before.

The same words were used by Billy Rucks of the Florence Club on his first three days of hunting after watching the kill shot review with the Brian insets.

“I’m shooting like RoboCop!” he told me. “I’ve never experienced this before in my life. As I would move the gun up to take the shot, it was like my brain just took over and the birds fell dead, really dead. This stuff works.”

Well, we could not agree more. And to have Doss do so well at a sporting shoot without any practice for 60+ days…an incredible feat.