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Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great Thanksgiving week. Andrea, Tim, and Avery came in from Oregon and our son Brian picked them up from the airport. That began the week of fun.

They got to the house about the time I finished the chocolate chip cookies. Nothing better than warm chocolate chip cookies. We got up the next morning for a little shopping. We had planned on going to the bay house, but when the water well went out the week before, we made a new plan.

Andrea and I went shopping in the big city of Fulshear, as we had a few new shops to visit. We found a lot of things we needed (ha…) After we got home, Brian and the kids (Rayden – 9, Emma – 4, and baby Joseph – 4 months) came out to spend the night and Gil fried up some shrimp.

On Tuesday I was up early to get the dressing done so grandma could enjoy the little ones. We decided to have Thanksgiving on Wednesday then try to go to the bay for a night. Many nights without water doesn’t work for me, so went and got great-grandma the next morning and we had Thanksgiving early. The day doesn’t matter; just that we were all together to eat and enjoy the beautiful day.

Thursday, we went to the bay and it was a beautiful day to go fishing. Avery caught her first saltwater trout and was thrilled. The smile on her face was priceless. We caught some fish and spent the night. We went home on Friday since they had friends to see on Friday night.

On Saturday we went shopping a bit more, then went off to the airport for Andrea, Tim, and Avery’s return home and our return to normal.

The water well people were supposed to come on Monday and begin the drilling. Someone needed to be there but we had some rain so they couldn’t get in. Tuesday was still too wet, so we went down on Wednesday hoping for it to happen. But instead, we waded out front of our house and caught a limit of fish, and did the same the next day. That has never happened before so we certainly enjoyed that.

We went to Rockport on Friday morning to fish with Driscoll Otto and got home that afternoon with a big flounder that Gil caught, a redfish, and some trout.

Saturday we were going to fish, but it rained so hard that we left to go home for a Christmas party Saturday evening.

Sunday was Christmas decorating day. Now the house looks like Santa threw up in there. I love Christmas! But I have to say, I didn’t put up as much as I usually do. I must be getting old.

It has been such a busy year for us and for all of you. We are thankful for each and every one of you. Happy Holidays!