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The Knowledge Vault Craze

What fun we had in Vegas talking to our readers of Safari Magazine. We had two great sessions of standing-room-only seminars with lots of interaction. The kill shot reviews were amazing and people just would not leave. They watched them until we had to leave because someone else was coming in to use the room.

The Knowledge Vault Works!

There is no doubt we are making an impact on shooters’ lives. The Knowledge Vault is being used more and more by wing shooters worldwide.

Here are some of the actual comments:

“In just two hours you have changed my shooting life forever!”

“To truly understand what it really looks like when you pull the trigger is amazing!”

“Powerful information…scientifically based…it really does work…”

“It just makes so much sense. And it’s scientific and online 24/7/365. Incredible.”

“Heck, I thought my eyes were screwed up but now I clearly understand what the sight pictures really look like and it is as clear as a bell! Can’t wait to go shoot!”

“Until now I have never really understood what I was trying to do when shooting a shotgun. Now I understand specifically what it looks like. Amazing.”

“No wonder I was so inconsistent… I was trying to aim the gun ahead of the bird and not look at the gun. I now know that is impossible!”

“After just 30 minutes, I know why I have been so inconsistent my whole life with a shotgun on clays and birds!”

“To be able to watch footage of actual shots on clays as well as doves, quail, pigeons, ducks, and pheasants embeds the pictures in my brain and actually makes it easier to be consistent on all shots.”

“I never realized how really important gun speed equaling bird speed was and how that simple fact slows all moving targets down… Incredible!”

“The home practice drills are simply incredible and I can see how they will make me a better shot!”

“For the first time in my life, I really understand what it is really supposed to look like. Simply amazing.”

“The Knowledge Vault site is simply amazing and the Kill Shot Reviews have improved my consistency in the field and on the range.”

Become a Member Today!

Yes, the KV is making headway and truly making a difference in the ability of shooters worldwide. If you’re not on KV, you’re crazy.

We have added quite a few videos and will be adding over 1000 more as the year goes on. There are currently 800+ now. We also have a new set of Brian animations showing in detail the two-part move we are teaching on long crossing targets.

I had some lessons with some of the shooters going to Dubai, and am impressed at how consistent they are at ranges that are beyond 50 yards. We will be pushing all shooters beyond that threshold at our Advance Classes this year at the 74 Ranch.

Oh, and by the way, if you are a member of KV, send us a video of you shooting so we can analyze it and put it up in shot simulator. It’s something we do for all members. So send us a video and we will put it in Coaches Eye and just see how we can help your game elevate to a new level.

Thinking is Seeing