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Not Looking at the Gun

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We’re about to have a new image tagline: LOL: Learning Online for our Knowledge Vault.

We currently have more than 800 video lessons with over 1200 being added over the next few months, bringing the total to 2000+ video tips alone. They are already shot. They just need to be cataloged and arranged in their sequences. Not to mention 150 plus Coaching Hours and 12 books with a new ebook with embedded videos being put together as I type.

Our library of articles on hunting and clay shooting as well as mental performance continues to grow every month, as well as a new program we are offering for a short time: we’ll do a video analysis of your move and mount.

We’re so excited about the new version coming online soon. It will be accompanied by an app for your device so you can download material to the app when online for offline viewing. After a certain number of days, it will go back into the KV so the material is still protected but available to you away from the internet.

The search engine will be even more incredible as well as some other new things we are working on for the section on clay kill shots. We will be doing voice-overs on all the shots on the clay kill shot reviews in about 10 days, as well as some new clay kill shots that show the sight pictures for crossing shots at different distances out to 100 yards on both left-to-right and right-to-left shots. They will be synced up with iPad video from the ground up in front to show muzzle speed and side, showing you what the move and mount look like on, say, a 30-yard crosser compared to a 50-yard crosser.

Controlling Your Gun Speed

We continue to see shooters who don’t have a clue how important it is to have control of their gun speed. The looks on their faces are amazing when they see the stable picture for the first time. They are giddy and can’t get enough of it!

There are some pretty good shots out there who are slashing at the target or chasing the target. But when they understand the visual confusion it creates and how everything is just standing still when they move the speed of the target, they’re amazed.

There is some GoPro video going up showing the most difficult (but most important) part of the move at the end of the shot. What we’re seeing is that shooters who are Move-Mount Shooting will eventually either put off the finish of the mount until too late in the shot and will almost have to hurry to finish the shot. Or the hurry-up is borne in the fact that they are trying to finish the mount correctly and get lead, line, and gun speed in the last third of a second of the shot and not look at the gun.

So you can understand why they have to hurry because they are trying to do too many things in too short a time, all to keep from looking at the gun. They are not aware of this and it usually happens toward the end of an otherwise really good round. It causes them to miss targets and they don’t know why.

So tell me: how do you visualize “not looking at the gun”?

Think about this. Really. How do you visualize not looking at the gun? You can’t, but no one ever really thinks about this so they cant preload or visualize the shot as it is about to happen. So they say “I’m gonna just get in there and focus hard on the target and let it go!”

This sounds great but will rarely be successful. It causes them to begin to invent problems (typically about eye dominance) that are not really there and then begin to fix something that is not broken, which deepens the problem and creates a slump. All because they are doing too much at the end of the shot and losing control of their gun speed by trying to not see the gun. That’s something they can’t do in the first place.

Misconceptions about Gun Fit

Discussed with Rich Cole custom gun fitting and its misconceptions. Very few people knew enough about what a gun should feel like when it really fits or have a consistent enough move and mount so they could really be fitted.

I saw a shooter at Gulf Coast Clays who had a gun with a pattern stock with a parallel comb that was so high their eye was at least ¾ths of an inch over the top of the rib. Now, I have got to tell you, I said something I’ve never said before: “With your eye that high over the rib rather than the projection of lead, just being in front on line now becomes a triangulation equation. This will eventually cause all sorts of eye anomalies – and none of them are good!”

Well, we see this happen on a real frequent basis and we feel that it’s caused by all the gun stocks with moveable combs that are too high in the first place. I am still confounded by all the stocks with moveable combs that can be adjusted to a point of impact that is as much as 2.5 patterns high. But they’re not able to be adjusted to shoot flat for the majority of shooters.

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Just about all the guns out there are that way. And we see many after-market installations that are the same way, too.

Remember, the gun must be too low for the shooter so the comb can be raised to the correct height. If the gun is already too high for the shooter, installing a moveable comb will not work. The solution is to make the stocks to field dimension (1 and 1/2 x 2 and 1/2, or 1 and 5/8 x 2 and 3/8) with thinner combs and lower combs so all shooters can raise the comb to the correct height.

The first manufacturer who comes up with this configuration will be miles ahead of all other manufacturers. We’ll let you know who and when.