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Commitment To A Plan and Why

The only experience that will benefit you is the successful or unsuccessful attempt of a specific plan.

Indecision confuses the brain. When approaching targets you have never seen, make a plan and execute it. And most of all, be decisive about what you’re going to do and do it. If it’s successful, repeat it. If it’s unsuccessful, change something.

Even if you’re successful, if you are not decisive with a specific plan, it has no benefit. If you are decisive and fail, it’s a great
benefit because you know what won’t work.

We see shooters in your position not making a plan. That prolongs learning how to compete.

Competition is about making the plan and shooting the plan and letting the score take care of itself. The more caught up in the plan you become, the more the plan becomes clearer and clearer. The preload becomes better and you shoot better.