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No One Just “Has It”

No one just “has it.”

There is no “it.” Unless the “it” you’re talking about is hard work and time on targets, coupled with a passion to not accept anything less than your best. And always having the drive to push yourself beyond what you already know.

Unless you try something beyond what you already know, you will never grow. Your potential is like your weight; you just push it in different directions based on your attitude!

We just completed a series of Coaching Hour podcasts about what steps a shooter must take to advance through beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages before competing in master class.

The things that came out were so powerful that we are making a new series of lessons to outline what must be accomplished at each level to get to the next. There are certain things you need to address and learn at each level to maximize the time spent to go forward and improve!

The answer is to learn to move and mount the gun without looking down the barrel. And spending enough time on targets with the right attitude!

It’s All In Your Attitude

We find the “it” people refer to is attitude.

Years ago while we were shooting together, Kim Rhode shared something that happened to her when she first arrived at the Olympic training grounds. In an assembly, all the athletes were given paper and pencil and were told to write down everything they can’t do.

While all the others were feverishly writing Kim simply put her pencil down. When asked why she was not writing, she simply answered, “There is nothing I can’t do if I put my mind to it!”

As we have said earlier, a person’s attitude ultimately has the most to do with success and failure. When you stop and think of everything that has to happen that is completely out of your control for you to win a tournament, you will begin to understand what I am talking about.

How You Build “It”

Combine the right attitude with passion, courage, and determination and you will find the “it” you are looking for. But all the “it” in the world will do you no good without the experience to shape and sharpen it through experience. And the experiences are gained by putting yourself in the game over and over again.

Until you begin to take responsibility for your own actions, you will continue to look for miracles. Wishing and hoping do nothing for building “it.” Doing builds it!

And yes, as the science of performance changes, so will we. As we try new things on different people and the feedback indicates a change in our course, then guess what? We will change.

Here is what Vicki said about this: “No improvement happens without change. For every change, there is a price. The value is in the commitment!”