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Knowledge Vault Membership

The Knowledge Vault continues to grow worldwide. It’s incredible how our members are getting so much better in such a short time.

What’s also incredible is what we’re learning about programming the brain in the preload with the Kill Shot Reviews. The shooters who are doing this are shooting so much better.

On a recent hunt to Argentina, one of the shooters was having trouble getting far enough in front of the pigeons. While driving out to the hunt, I shared some of the kill shot videos I had taken with the ShotKam. My guess is in 20 minutes we looked at 15-18 shots two or three times. And that shooter shot their first limit of 75 birds on that hunt.

It is amazing what looking at the Kill Shot Reviews can do to your mental game. It shows up as consistency and higher scores on clays and better percentages in the field. If you are going wing shooting this season don’t go without looking at the KSRs!