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Lehigh Valley Group “A-Ha’s”

I continue to be amazed at how the Kill Shot Reviews imprint in our students’ brains the concept of the target coming to the lead as the gun matches the speed.

A Trap Shooter and Rifle Shooter Learn the OSP Method

I had a young man who had only shot sporting four times but was on a trap league in high school. He was accompanied by his parents in the late afternoon for two days. The father was a volunteer trap coach and was there to listen and become a better coach. And he was welcomed.

His son got the matching speed concept almost immediately, as did everyone in the group each day. Most were smart enough to come for two days. The son had a little trouble with the across-the-barrel picture late into his second day. But then, he had been looking down the barrel chasing trap birds his entire shooting life.

There was a champion rifle shooter who came with his fairly accomplished friend. The friend was ready for change, but the rifle shooter didn’t think we could teach him anything based on his previous attempts at shooting shotguns at something moving. But the Kill Shot Reviews and animations proved him wrong – really wrong!

He got it in the first station and hit things he had never hit before. His friend was a great swing-through shooter. But he could not shoot the normal shots that method is noted for, so he was willing to change. But it wasn’t until the second day that he really understood how much he was looking at the barrel and down the barrel when he shot.

The Knowledge Vault Works!

All that said, we taught out of the Knowledge Vault and all video products came up in less than five seconds. And some were almost instant. The Vault is finally ready for widespread use.

If you are reading this blog and are not a member of the KV, join now and see what it actually looks like to hit a moving target out to 100 yards! Yes, there is a 100-yard crosser in the KV shot with the ShotKam and Winchester Tracker Wad technology. And I almost hit the target with the wad!

There are over 1000 video lessons with 500 more coming this year. Also pheasant shots, quail shots, and more doves, recorded with the HD ShotKam II.

Begin to watch the clay kill shot review and program your brain to know what it really looks like to hit a moving target with a shotgun. Doves, quail, pheasants, ducks, pigeons, and red grouse are all illustrated in the shot simulator. Check it out!

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