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Seeing the Connection (Part Two)

Your ability to focus is an evolutionary thing.

The more of what you do that is automatic, the less you have to focus on what you are doing. The less you have to focus on what you are doing, the more focus you have available for the target.

Said another way, a beginner cannot have 95 percent focus on the target because they have to think about what they are doing
when shooting. If they are thinking about what they are doing, they are focused on it. This takes focus away from the target.

So a person’s ability to focus on the target is dependent upon how much of what they are doing happens without thinking. The problem is when shooters practice, they don’t practice the right way. They should be practicing to make what they do with the gun more and more automatic, and of a higher and more consistent quality.

This begins at home touching the gun every day. Do the three-bullet drill every day. Do the flashlight drill, looking behind the light as you finish the mount. Every day!

What we see is the only time shooters touch the gun is when they are at the range. And it’s the only time they think about shooting.