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Clay Kill Shot Review

If you are not watching the Kill Shot Reviews twice the night before and once the morning of the practice or tournament, you are missing out on one of the newest and simplest ways to have high-level performances.

It seems some of our shooters are doing this regularly and getting surprising results. HOAs and RUs are becoming more common than ever before. Scores like 92/100 and 98/100 are – believe it or not – becoming more and more common.

They are practicing less and shooting better. It sounds too good to be true, but it is happening.

Conceptual Cognitive Learning is what this is called. The research is amazing so far as to what it can do. Our results indicate it produces a more vivid movie in your preload more easily and with much less effort.

In turn, this makes it more clear to the brain exactly what you are asking of it, which in turn allows for less thinking, which allows for more and easier focus on the target. And this allows for higher and higher levels of performance.

So if you are not watching the Kill Shot Reviews, start doing so and give us your feedback. there are also KSRs on dove, pheasant, ducks, quail, pigeon, and red grouse. So before you go hunting watch the KSRs on the species you’re going after twice the night before and once the morning of. You will be amazed.