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Sarasota Gun Club 2015

We have had a great week in Florida, going to Sarasota Gun Club for the first time. What a great club. It’s getting larger and adding new courses in the next few months.

We will be back on January 23, 2016, to do clinics, so if anyone is near there, give us a call.

We went from Sarasota to the other side of the state to visit and teach at South Florida Shooting Club. We have become members there, and are looking forward to going back many times.

We did three days of clinics and enjoyed meeting and making many new friends. The biggest “aha” was that it was so much easier to shoot with the gun out of the shoulder so that everyone could move with the target. Focus on the target became a lot easier and there was no panic in their move.

Moving the same speed as the target made the target slow down for everyone. Making a plan was also helpful because then the voices were quiet…novel thought! I know that has been talked about to all our students at some point.

The Knowledge Vault continues to be a great resource for our students. Before a tournament, many students are watching the Clay Kill Shot Reviews and doing quite well in their performance. They can then go to the tournament and make the movie.

Gil and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Our new Carbon TV production is up now, so check it out!