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Have You Done the Three-Bullet Drill?

I had a question today about mounting quickly and not inserting and stopping the gun. My answer is as follows:

Have you done the three-bullet drill?

What you are describing is symptomatic of looking down the barrel and not seeing the bird behind the barrel. The three-bullet drill is designed to imprint the two sight pictures that are necessary for high-level performances.

Swinging through the target creates too much movement after the shot and increases risk in the transition between the first and second shot in pairs.

I would not recommend shooting rounds to practice. However, I would recommend shooting single targets getting used to controlling the bird from in front, and seeing the target behind the barrel, not down the barrel.

Single targets, not pairs. Try that and see what happens. And stop looking at the score. The score will come after your gun speed is in control and you are controlling the target from in front.