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Advance School Thoughts

It’s the third week of our Advance School. Being surrounded by shooters who really want to advance their games is both invigorating and inspiring.

Conclusions that I am drawing from these 21 days will follow in the next several blogs.

Here’s today’s thought:

I am beginning to conclude that a person’s ability to hit the target the first time and then sequentially hit it, again and again, is not as much tied to their desire to break it or even knowing the lead!

It’s more tied to the person’s ability to visualize in detail the movie from beginning to end of how they want the shot to occur and the stability of the shot when the shot takes place.

This, I think, allows for a greater understanding of what the brain must do. In turn, this allows the brain to be even more clear on how to time the movements of the hands to bring about the shot.

It is not as much how many times you have hit the target, but how many times you have predicted how you will hit the target and then followed through with a successful shot that allows for the brain to learn more quickly and become more and more confident.