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Exciting Preliminary Results – The OSP System Works!

We have completed the second eight-week study on skeet shooters. They were asked to watch the skeet Kill Shot Review and do the flashlight drill and three-bullet drill every time before going out to shoot.

Three of the 17 shot a few times but did not view the video or do the drills. The shooters who viewed the KSR for more than 40 minutes total and did the drills decreased the number of misses in a round of skeet by 40 percent!

We will be doing this study on a much larger basis, so watch my blog and I will give you a heads-up when it is ready.

We will be inviting members from Greater Houston Gun Club, Dallas Gun Club, and Scarborough Fish and Game in Maine among other clubs, as well as all members of the Knowledge Vault. And basically anyone else who would like to join in.

In the skeet study, you will be asked to shoot two to four rounds of skeet per week for six weeks. But watch the KSR and do the drills before going to shoot. We have set up a study site, so all you have to do is log in. It keeps track of your time watching. When you post your scores, you can post minutes you did the drills each week.

All of that is in one place. And yes, you can do the drills more than just once and watch the video also. But please keep track and report the number of minutes you did the drills each week.

We are excited about our preliminary results and look forward to having as many shooters in the next study.