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Baffled by Some Shooters

I’m still baffled by the number of confused shooters who are trying to get the gun ahead of the bird and not see the barrel! When I ask them how they visualize that they are dumbfounded.

So many shooters intentionally put the gun in the way of the eyes seeing the target and where it is going to be in the future!

The pull-away and swing-through shooters can hit the across-the-barrel shots, and the swing-through shooters can hit the behind-the-barrel shots because in each of those instances the barrel they are shooting off of is closest to the target. But the targets coming from the other side are really confusing!

They immediately blame cross-dominance. But the visual concept they are feeding to the brain cannot be visualized because the gun is part of the picture – a very small part of the picture, but a part nonetheless!