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“Two Eyes – No Gun!”

It’s been an exciting number of very busy weeks for us. Traveling from hot South Carolina to the bay for a few days over July 4th to cool Montana for a welcome change from the oppressive heat in Houston.

We meet a lot of great folks and as usual, learned quite a bit. Everyone is still mystified that they can shoot with two eyes. One gentleman was shocked. After hitting 17 targets in a row, he turned and said gleefully, “Two eyes – no gun!”

The first time he tried to use both eyes and came to us saying he was a terrible shot. Now we all know why that doesn’t make for consistent shooting and now he does too.

I have to tell you about a man who kept looking at the barrel. We brought out the “eyes” we put in the barrel. Quite a few of you know about those eyes.

We showed him the eyes and his response was, “please don’t put those green eyes of shame on my barrel.” We all enjoyed that for the next few days.

The lesson to be learned is that there are so many myths about shooting a shotgun out there. I am always surprised when I hear something new about people’s perceptions of what they should see when shooting this wonderful scattergun game. But once it is explained the response is always, “that makes sense.”

It’s not rocket science; it’s the way the brain works all day every day. Get out of its way and let it do its job.