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Eye Takeover

I talked to a shooter yesterday who is complaining about missing right-to-left shots, claiming his right eye would take over and make him miss behind. He is a lefty and was trying dots with aperture in them and he could not close an eye.

My question to him was “How long have you been shooting pull away?”

“For about the last couple of years,” he said.
“How long ago did this problem rear its ugly head?” I asked.

“…a couple of years ago.”

He had read John Shima’s book and was convinced he had an eye dominance problem!

Well, I told him my opinion: closing a perfectly good eye is foolish. And if he would see the target farther behind the barrel and stabilize the picture as it closed to the barrel, the problem would go away.

The problem with pull-away for most aging shooters is they mount inside the lead or on the target and as the gun stretches away, the brain is confused about which barrel it is playing off of.

For lefties, when shooting left-to-rights, the brain plays off the barrel that’s closest to the target! But on right-to-left targets, the barrel that is closest to the target is the wrong barrel.

Adding to this, the shooter was trying to not see the barrel, so he was not giving the brain good data in his preload. So is there any wonder why the brain was so confused?

We will see him soon and have suggested he see Brian because they will both be left-handed.