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On Our Way to Scarborough Fish and Game

Well, we are on our way to Maine to visit Scarborough Fish and Game. I am really excited about the next few days.

It will be our first time at the facility, and from what I have heard, there are a lot of shooters there. It will be interesting to see what their perception is about what we teach and where their perceptions came from.

You will not believe some of the things we have heard in the past about the way we coach. And when we follow the chain of information, we eventually come back to the same circumstances: a friend of a friend has a cousin that allegedly took a lesson from one of us 12 years ago and they said X, Y, and Z.

Once we get to that point and we begin to show them what we really teach, you should see their faces change. We are expecting the same thing here and can’t wait to watch it happen. It is going to be interesting.

Brian has hit it out of the park with Florida Fish and Wildlife Service. He has been there setting up the first of six new shooting facilities that have large sporting clays facilities. He is teaching them target setting as well as machine maintenance and overall how to make a range successful.

This will be a new program for our Game Changers program for all state DNRs. We will be at the first training session with Texas Parks and Wildlife a week from Sunday in Houston.

We just got back from Georgia training all the SCTP coaches and we will be doing the same thing in South Carolina in the fall when we are not fishing. We will be checking the moon phase and tide charts to schedule fishing dates when the conditions are optimal and then fill in our coaching dates. We’re about to land in Chicago, so signing off.

Oh, and by the way, the audiologist we are using in Houston is Dr. Sara Nagel at The Center for Audiology near Post Oak and the West Loop. Her number is (713) 255-0035. Call and make an appointment today to have an audiogram done and tell her we sent you.

If you need aids, talk to her about Phonak and Compilot II. That is what we wear, and wow, are we pleased. Let us know what happens!