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Vicki’s Family Reunion

Well, it’s been an exciting two weeks. Our daughter Andrea and granddaughter Avery came to town last Monday, so we spent the week with them to prepare for our Watson Family Reunion.

We were in charge of the reunion, which was to be held in Kemah, Texas. We had not had a family reunion in 15 years, so it was time. None of us are getting younger, and the older generation certainly isn’t.

We spent the week at the house because it was too windy to go to the bay house. But the pool was a good place to be. Andrea and Avery live in Eugene, Oregon, so she had forgotten how hot it gets in August in Houston.

We went to the reunion on Friday and spent Saturday at NASA Space Center. Wow, what a trip.

I grew up in the age of the Apollo missions and I remember how we would watch our television sets for every mission. I remember how exciting it was to watch the astronauts walking on the moon. This trip brought it all back.

If you get a chance to walk through a shuttle, do so. And learn how they got the idea of the shuttle piggybacking on a larger plane. We even got to see how the astronauts sleep and how they moved from one small space to another.

It puts you in awe of the astronauts that would live in those cramped spaces for the length of time that they stayed in space. Those were very special folks.

We spent the rest of the time with family and friends then took Andrea and Avery to the airport to go back home. A nice time was had by all.

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