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It’s Not About Center Vision

It occurred to me today that it is not about training your center vision to stay on the target. It is about training your periphery to accept the gun and, through minimum movement, not switch primary to it.

We are wired to see movement in our periphery. In turn, it directs the primary vision to the movement.

Our center vision obviously must stay on the target, but it is our periphery that must be trained to do the opposite of what it is hardwired to do.

This is why seeing the bird come to the gun is so powerful. The bird is always the fastest thing in the picture! If they come together too close, the gun jumps ahead. And it gets in the way because the eyes will bounce to the barrel.

When we get jammed, the primary goes to the gun because the gun speeds up to get far enough in front to hit the target.

It is about when we see it as a movie with the bird coming to the barrel as if we were catching the bird with the barrel. Then all the circuits are firing optimally.