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The Three-Bullet Drill and Consistency

A giant step in the right direction to become more consistent is to do the three-bullet drill to train your brain to accept the muzzles in the periphery and get used to what the sight pictures really look like.

This will make it so much easier for you to visualize what you are about to ask your brain to do after you call “pull,” which will give you much more consistent results than calling “pull” with no plan and trying to fix it at the end.

Once you get the sight pictures down and begin to build a library of predictable sight pictures, then enter every tournament you can and put the number on your back and go shoot.

But just going will not help. Every time you enter the box, don’t even think about loading the gun without preloading the shot you are about to take. Then close the gun, take the shot, and replay the shot after the break.

When you do this, every successful shot is seen three times, which means you get better three times faster.

This is on our whiteboard at our training facility at American Shooting Centers: “Amateurs do it ‘til they get it right, but the pros do it ‘til they can’t get it wrong.”

 Stop chasing the targets and trying to fix the shot at the end!