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No Quick Fix to Consistency

As we travel the country, we see over and over that the majority of shooters still think that getting the lead right will lead to more consistency.

Then some say it’s “the six inches between their ears” that keeps them from progressing. Others say “I’m really not that competitive of a person.”

Some justify their inconsistency in their scores and the plateau they find themselves on by saying, “I really don’t have the time or money to really practice enough to get really good. But if I did, I could.”

While some of these statements are partially correct, they all have a common thread: they are all based on finding a quick fix.

Like Little Johnny’s mother told him after he lost the 8-ball tournament, “Don’t worry, son. He just got lucky that all his shots were straight in!”

As our friend Bill Smith from Birmingham once told us, “Success comes before work only in the dictionary!”  And as Vicki said in a clinic last year, “You don’t think your way to the right action; you must act your way to the right way of thinking!”

In our research, the phrase “technical expertise is always preceded by experience” keeps being proven to us and our customers over and over again.