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Teaching in the Rain

Brian, Gil and I are here at 74 Ranch south of San Antonio,
Texas doing our 2nd Advance School.
We are all here and have had a ball introducing new ideas and ways to
improve everyone’s game. It’s a great
venue as the students get a different instructor each day so they hear the same
material just in a different way. That
way one of us can get through or say something just the right way to make it
all come together for the student. The
only issue is that for these 2 weeks it has been raining.

In fact Brian and I have been teaching in the rain for the
past 4 weekends and are ready for the sun to shine. Four weeks ago we were in Phoenix AZ at Ben
Avery Shooting Club and for a city where they only have 10 days of rain now
they are down to 7. The following
weekend we had clinics in Houston in 30 mph winds and scattered showers, then the
Advance School has been plagued with rain.

We tell everyone that we don’t charge extra to learn to
shoot in the rain!!!!!

Even with the rain it has been a great 4 weeks of learning
and light bulbs coming on.

We are teaching a lot from the Knowledge Vault and the
animations are coming up really quick and are so easy to understand and see
what is really happening when you shoot a shotgun. WHAT DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU SHOOT A SHOTGUN?

That’s the million-dollar question that most folks haven’t
ever thought about and they really don’t know what they see. Most are looking at the lead so they are
looking between the gun and the target and are so amazed that this system is a
lot easier when you look at the target and let the gun be in front and make the
target and gun go the same speed. It’s a
lot of information in the beginning but after a few hours it all makes a lot of
sense. When the target is BEHIND the
barrel you are always in front and at least have a chance to break it.

On to another week and hopefully a little sun shine!