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“Pretty Gun, Isn’t It?”

“Pretty gun, isn’t it?”

I know we come from a society that aims down the barrel of the gun. Most people started with a BB Gun, went to a 22, then on to a rifle and then on to a shotgun. They thought you could aim down the rib of a shotgun.

It won’t work!

We had a great three days at Camanche Hills Sporting Clays this past weekend. But almost everyone wanted to look at the ends of their gun like they thought it might have changed somehow.

“Pretty gun, isn’t it?”

The more you look at the gun in the setup, the more you are going to look at it in the shot. It didn’t go anywhere since you loaded it, so why keep looking at it? When you are cleaning it, you need to look at it. That’s the only time.

We cannot impress on everyone too much to practice their gun mount at home so you don’t have to constantly be thinking of that.

There were lots of a-has this weekend with students starting to really move with the target and know when they were going to hit it before they pulled the trigger.

If you were watching students, you knew when they were going to hit it before they took the shot. I asked my group to grade their move on a scale of one to ten after each shot. They were amazed that their moves became more fluid and consistent with each shot. That got them thinking about the process instead of hitting or missing the target.

Of course, we talked about routines and that every shot had to have a routine so that you did the same thing each time you took a shot and how that helped them stay slow and smooth and consistent.

They didn’t go faster for the last two or three shots like they did earlier in the day; they stayed at the same speed for each shot.  With each repetition, they became more consistent. It was very cool to watch it all come together for each student.

We came home to wash clothes and repack for Colorado next week. Hoping we don’t get eight inches of snow like we got last year. Clear and sunny is our hope.