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Continue Learning with the Three-Bullet and Flashlight Drills

It’s been a busy eight weeks of traveling from club to club. We have added five new clubs this year, so it’s been very hectic. But there’s been a great deal of learning going on.

We have gone from California to Colorado to North Carolina to South Carolina to Utah to Wisconsin to Minnesota and we still have half of the year to go! Thanks to all the students new and old for their trust in the OSP system.

Now if we can get everyone to do the three-bullet drill and the flashlight drill to continue their learning experience. That way, next year when we come back, we will be able to take them a lot farther.

You just don’t understand how important those two drills are to continue getting better. The students who are doing the drills are improving each day and improving their practice and competitive rounds. And they don’t cost anything other than time.

Brian has also been traveling to Arizona, Colorado, and Montana as well as very busy in the Houston area. He is starting to do novice clinics in Houston. He has the first one at the end of this month and it’s full!

There is a need for this, especially as we get closer to hunting season. So if you don’t feel comfortable shooting, sign up and get proficient with your shotgun.

Fishing still has to wait. I’m off to Oregon to kid-sit with one of our granddaughters, Miss Avery, who is eight going on 25. Her parents, our daughter Andrea and son-in-law Tim are going on a little vacation. I’ll let you know how that goes next week.

Until then, have a good week, and don’t forget to practice with a purpose!