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Vision Evolves as You Train

Be sure to check out the August 2017 Coaching Hour podcast where we talk about how your vision evolves as you train and your game progresses.

We are just back from Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Pennsylvania and we had a great clinic with a lot of learning.

We talked about training a lot and how it is a must to train the basic gun mount and move on quartering shots as well as crossing shots. We also talked about how it is imperative to be in the breakpoint early and see the bird coming to you.

When you see it coming to you, the brain can anticipate the target’s arrival. And as it closes on the gun, your job is to move slowly away from the action. And when the speed is matched, send the shot.

Our shooters were blowing up targets like they never have before with mod chokes. And man, were they excited.

It was amazing to see how their brains reacted to the feedback using the mod chokes on all targets. If there was a chip, it exploded on the very next shot. And once they found it they could run 8-10 without a problem. It really was amazing.