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Coaching Hour in Knowledge Vault

Perhaps the most overlooked section of the Knowledge Vault is Coaching Hours!

We have been doing a one-hour conference call every month since November 2001 and they are all in the section.

First, listen to or read March 2015 to understand what skill is and how it is built, then go to the most recent and work your way back to the beginning.

The Coaching Hour podcast each month is of the greatest value, and there are 190+ recorded and transcribed episodes.

We will be discussing the book “Peak” by Anders Ericsson on our next Coaching Hour. In this book, Ericsson lays out the benefits of deliberate, purposeful practice, including what deliberate practice really is and why you should do it.

Ericsson talks about long-term and short-term and how most performers never do any practice deep enough to create long-term memory. They are always using short-term memory, which is very inconsistent in its results!

Skill is stored in long-term memory through repetition. And we are finding that not enough shooters practice by first playing the movie of the shot in their minds and then shooting the shot like the movie.

The brain cannot do anything unless it first has a picture, and the shot sequence is not a snapshot of the lead. It is a movie of how the shot comes together. And the lead is a result of how the shot comes together and seeing the target behind that barrel.

This will be an ongoing topic for the next few Coaching Hours, so be sure and tune in.