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Deliberate Practice

The Coaching Hour is tonight and we will be beginning a discussion on “deliberate practice” and its effect on higher levels of performance.

Last month we began this discussion and instead of an hour, it went an hour and a half. We expect tonight to be the same.

I’m on my sixth or seventh listen to “Peak” by Anders Ericsson. And things are revealing themselves to me more and more each time. Many of the things we have talked about on the past 190 Coaching Hours have been yet reconfirmed once again by more refined research.

This topic will inevitably be a topic that will be on going for the next few months.

You will never shoot better than you practice. And as we have stated many times over the past 20 years, you can link a person’s performance (or lack thereof) to how or what they practice.

Let us know what you think of the podcast tonight!