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Too Many Players Focus on Achieving “Consistency”

In “Be A Player” Marriot and Nilsson mention a study that proves
the human brain is not wired to do the same repetition the exact same way over
and over again which is why emphasizing perfect at the end is so powerful. Why is the idea of variability so critical
for golfers to understand? In our opinion, too many players focus on achieving
“consistency”. They practice the same
shots and swings over and over, convinced that more “time on the range will
enable them to perfectly replicate a swing that will never let them down. But scientific
research now shows that endless hours on the range are ineffective. In 2006,
Stanford University’s Krishna Shenoy, a professor of electrical engineering and
neurobiology, showed that humans aren’t capable of perfectly replicating a
physical action. Shenoy, who studies the neural basis of movement, explained:
“The main reason you can’t move the same way each and every time…when you’re
swinging a golf club, say…is that your brain can’t plan the swing the same way
each time.” Hence random practice not
blocked and same speed at the end!
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