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Shooting after Cataract Surgery

In the November 2017 Coaching Hour, Larry Peck, Max McCart, and others talked about their journey with cataract surgery and what they are experiencing in coming back to shooting.

We have had several shooters in Knowledge Vault who have gone through this surgery. What they have experienced in coming back to shooting has been interesting, to say the least.

The first thing they are aware of is how white is really white, not yellow. Then they are really aware of how vivid colors actually are, and how sharp things are.

But that in and of itself does not immediately equal becoming a better shot. And the reason for this is everything that happens when shooting moving occurs in the periphery! Due to cataracts, things in the periphery were not as noticeable. But they were after the surgery.

So, we will continue to talk to these shooters about what they are experiencing and how their progress continues on each Coaching Hour for the next few months.