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Short-Term Memory Confuses the Brain

If you are thinking, you are in your short-term memory and confusing the brain.

The more you can chunk the circuits, the more it allows you to shoot without thinking. This also allows the brain to know exactly what circuit you are asking it to use to hit the targets.

In practice, the objective is for the brain, after the sequence of the shot begins, to say, “Ah, I’ve been here before” and be able to take over the shot.

Doing it over and over in practice with a detailed visual before even getting in the box will eventually allow the brain to take over at the preload. And eventually, the brain will be able to say “I got this” when you are watching the show pair.

When your mental representations are honed enough, everything you do in the setup and every mechanical process happens without thinking. But you must begin to visualize the movie of the shot coming together in greater detail. That’s how you don’t think while performing.

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