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Ashe County Wildlife Club

We just finished three days at Ashe County in the mountains of North Carolina where the high was 75 degrees. A lot nicer than the 100 degrees in Houston.

This is a new club for us and the reception was great so they asked us to come again next year. They had set up four FITASC parcours for us to teach on – and what a great idea. It was so nice not having to maneuver around the course so we spent the morning at one, and the afternoon at another.

There were great target presentations and the students got a lot of repetition since we didn’t have to move around very much. And moving around the mountains was a little scary for this flatlander.

We started each day with the animations to get everyone on the same page. This is such a great way to start each day. The questions just keep a-coming.

The biggest “a-ha” is that you don’t look down the barrel, always look behind the barrel. Once the students understand that we can continue to improve their game.

Thanks to Larry Davidson and the staff at Ashe County for making our first trip very easy.