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Become Present with your Senses

Through an awareness of your senses, your goal is to become present with your senses before you close the gun and call “pull.”

By trial and error in practice, you determine which senses you as an individual can count on when everything is on the line. It could be seeing, feeling, or visualizing – anything but thinking mechanical swing thoughts.

What do we mean by sensory awareness? We mean awareness related to the five senses: seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, and smelling. Remember, these senses live in the right side of the brain. You need to know how you react to pressure so you know ahead of time what sense you will need to use to overcome your speeding up, or however your nerves react to pressure.

In golf, the player cannot see the club hit the ball except in putting, and while we cannot see the shot hit the target (only the result) we can see the actual shot take place.

This is why we keep emphasizing “see it come together as a movie.” Both brains do what they do best and have a seat at the table. You must engage both sides of the brain with what they do best to be consistent in result! The left brain is tied up judging the same speed at the end which allows the right brain to figure the lead and take the shot.

The argument is gone!