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Watching Kill Shot Reviews Leads to Better Scores

Shooters who are watching the Clay Kill Shot Reviews before they practice and/or shoot tournaments are shooting better and more consistent scores.

Vicki and Gil,

Well, you did it for me again.

First, I took some extra time on KSRs this week, using a trick that helps me get really wired in on them: I use my mouse to click the “pause” button on the video the second the picture looks stable and the shot seems right to me – like pulling the trigger. Then I click “play.” 

If I’m seeing it the same way you did, you will take the shot as soon as the video starts back. Not only do I test my timing and my “movie” against yours, but it also gives me a snapshot of the picture.

Anyway, at practice the next day I was working on chandelles and late shots (the KSR shots I was concentrating on) and had one of my best sessions. You’re not surprised, are you?

Then, because I’m getting a little impatient and frustrated with my slow progress (why is Vicki chuckling?), I relistened to the February 2008 Coaching Hour where you talked about George Leonard’s book on Mastery. What a great message for those of us struggling to keep our focus on learning and our long-term goals.

It was a good attitude check-up and pep talk, Gil. I needed that.

Finally, I’m a year further along on the learning curve than I was when I listened to it before. And as usual with your lessons/books/DVDs and Coaching Hours, I got a whole ‘nother level of messages from it.

It’s like those infomercials when the announcer says, “But wait, there’s more!” Seems like there’s no end to the “more.”

 I just wanted to say thanks for all you do for us.


 – G.O.


This is not a rare instance. Check out the new “Dropping Shots” KSR today.


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