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No Heavy Lifting!

Wow, what a busy three weeks. Sorry to be so late in letting you know what the Ashes are doing, so here goes.

Gil went to Boise, Idaho with John Wiles of Best Wingshooting to check out a place where you could hunt collared doves and pigeons. At some point he noticed a bulge in his navel and it began to hurt. Thanks to Mr. Google, he was able to get everything back in place, but upon arrival in Houston we found a doctor.

We all went to the NSCA National Tournament, shot, and had a fabulous time seeing everyone. Then we were off to quail hunt at the 74 Ranch. Lots of good quail footage was taken on the ShotKam. Look for those on the Knowledge Vault in the next few weeks.

We did manage to spend a few days at the bay house before returning to Houston for Gil to have umbilical hernia surgery on Thursday.

I had several great days of private lessons. Gil came in and said he had scheduled his surgery for the day we had a corporate event. And not just any corporate event, but our daughter Andrea’s company event. It was more important to get the surgery over since the recovery time is six to eight weeks, so we stayed with the program. Hopefully we could get Gil in early in the morning and home, and Brian and I would do the corporate event, but we wouldn’t know until Wednesday before the Thursday surgery.

On Wednesday, we found out his surgery would be at 6:30 am. We were up and out of the house by 5:15, got to the hospital at 6:15, and as you can imagine, we waited to go in. We got into the pre-op room at 7:00, so all was good for timing, but Gil didn’t go to surgery until 9:15, hoping this one-hour operation will be on schedule.

I went to the waiting room, and the doctor came out to say all is well. Gil was in the recovery room for about an hour then I could take him home. At 11:45, I was able to go and see him and learn how to care for the wound. I got him home and settled and off to meet Brian at our field and had a great time with the corporate folks.

Now it was time to go home and check on the patient. He was feeling pretty good and walking all around the house just like the doctor told him to do. It’s been a few days now and he is doing really good and not hurting as much. Now he just has to not lift anything over 20 pounds for two months. Even fishing is out for a while.

And I will be the heavy lifter for the next two months.